The Future of Our Milk is in Safe Hands Project is in the “Impact Champions” Program!

Pınar Institute

Supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Business Call to Action (BCtA), the largest inclusive business platform in the international arena, encourages different companies by announcing them on international platforms by supporting projects realized within the framework of Sustainable Development Goals in terms of impact management.

Pınar Dairy has been a member of the BCtA program since 2017 with “The Future of Our Milk is in Safe Hands” project conducted by the Pınar Institute. Pınar Dairy became one of the 25 companies included in the “Impact Champions” program as a result of linking its social impact analysis outputs with the Sustainable Development Goals in addition to the activities carried out within the scope of the project.

The studies carried out within the scope of the project are also shown as a case study in the report of “Management Practices to Bring Inclusive Business to Scale” which is the most recent publication of BCtA platform which prepares regular publications on inclusive business models. The report covers topics such as Governance, Operations Management, Performance, Talent Management, Transformative Technology, Demographic Change, Automation and Increasing Awareness of Women's Empowerment and includes practices and business models of multinational companies addressing global social and environmental issues such as hunger, climate change and gender discrimination.

The mentioned report has also been transferred to the online platform as a Tool for Inclusive Business Management and it is aimed for other companies to use this platform for their own implementations. Through this platform, the case study of the project, which was included in the report, was also transferred to the online channel.

In addition to all these, a blog post, which evaluates Pınar Dairy's contribution to dairy farming in Turkey as well as the activities carried out within the scope of the project with a framework of impact management, was published in The Guardian and found its place in the international arena.